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Tillamook = Ambrosia

This post really has nothing to do with Tillamook ice cream (more on that later), but it does have something to do with huckleberries (more on that later too).

We spent our last night in Gold Beach, OR dining at Spinners restaurant.

I had Filet Mignon . . .


Jan had a Filet of Local Salmon


My Filet Mignon was to die for and Jan said her salmon was the best she has ever had, but the cherry on top was our dessert — a Huckleberry Ice Cream Sundae. Lord all mighty! We did not miss the traditional chocolate sundae. It’s the berries.

Finally, Tillamook ice cream is a recent discovery of ours. The closest quality ice cream to Tillamook’s was Gile’s Frozen Custard in Milwaukee, but Tillamook steps it up a notch by adding ingredients like huckleberries in their ice cream. We’ll be visiting Tillamook’s creamery at the end of June.