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On the Road Again (Mojave, CA)

Last Night in LHC (London Bridge at sunset)

As much as we’ll miss our Crazy Horse park model (or “home”), we have a lot to see this summer.

Our jacks were fixed in a day by 3-Ts RV Products in Lake Havasu City. They answered all our questions, and we highly recommend them. It seems that the 40A fuse holder for our hydraulic jacks melted! They explained how we could raise up the jacks ourselves if this happens again.

However, we discovered a not-so-slow leak in one of our Jeep tires. So this morning Jan took our Jeep to Big O Tires to get it fixed. We figured it might take longer than one day to plug the leak or get a new tire. But we caught a break. The Big O techs removed a screw from the tire and plugged the tire at no charge — and this all took a few hours so we were on the road by 11 am.

Our Mojave Camp Site


Those are the Sierra Mountains behind our RV

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  1. Mary Hughes #

    On The Road Again.. YAY!!! Glad to hear all the necessary repairs are done and you’re back on the road. Enjoy! Mary


    May 4, 2019

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