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We arrived in our Yosemite campground on Monday, May 13th. On Tuesday we drove into Yosemite Valley to see what we could see.

There are many, many natural and man-made sites to see the valley. There is also traffic. Lots and lots of traffic.

Our parking spot


After parking the Jeep, we did lots of walking and had lunch somewhere. The we went in search of “The Kiosk” where we hoped to make reservations to raft down the Merced River inside Yosemite. That was the plan . . . and we found The Kiosk . . . a needle in the Yosemite haystack.

We Found Half Dome Village


We Found The Kiosk


However, since the Spring water runoff was particularly fierce this year, rubber rafting was delayed for a time — long after we’re gone. Bummer. We snapped a few pictures and called it a day.




Since the weather forecast was rain, rain, and more rain, we didn’t want to Park & Walk again. So we took a 2-hour bus tour of Yosemite Valley. A wise decision.

Look, it’s tourists!




A Bad Sign