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Final Entry from Grand Canyon

Our Last Hike

Tomorrow we’re outta here. Heading West for California and $4/gallon gas.



Our goal was Yaki Point, but most of the route would be sharing with bicyclists so we decided to stop at the canyon rim.



So Many Choices


Beautiful from Any/Every Angle



They arrive in the morning and later at dusk. They are prolific poopers. From what we saw, no one bothered them while they munched grass all day. When she first saw an Elk, Flirt was spooked, but I think she finally thought of them as just big, different-smelling dogs.




1992 — A Brief Stopover During Our Route 66 Road Trip

A Lot Closer to the Edge than She Remembers


1994 — Four-Day Stay at El Tovar Hotel ($250/day then, $575.12 now)

On Our Room’s Balcony




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  1. Mary Hughes #

    What an amazing experience. Thanks much for sharing.. truly enjoyed all the info. Mary

    April 26, 2019

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