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Alamo Lake State Park (Wenden, AZ)


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We left River Island State Park on Friday, April 5th and traveled to Alamo Lake State Park near Wenden, AZ. We stayed three nights.

As the crow flies, Alamo Lake is not far from River Island. However, there are mountains and rough terrain in between the two parks. So it ended up to be about a 100-mile trip.

Alamo Lake is a huge natural catch basin that was made into a lake when the Army Corps of Engineers built a dam to create the lake in 1968. There are three fishing ramps into the lake, each at a different elevation. This is necessary because lake levels can vary dramatically — up to 11 feet in just overnight.

Wild burros inhabit the area. Both Jan and I spotted a burro near our campsite. We heard them braying at night. They are loud.

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We had to use our HughesNET Gen 5 satellite Internet dish again as there was no AT&T or Verizon coverage. However, we did have full hookups.

Here are some photos from our stay . . .

Jan’s Painting Table


They’re Everywhere


Corps of Engineers Dam



Jan’s Alamo Lake Watercolor