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Breakdown in Kingman, AZ

We left the Grand Canyon campground Saturday morning and arrived at a campground just outside of Kingman, AZ later that day. As usual, we put down the four hydraulic jacks that level our RV and then put out our two slide outs. Hunky dory.

Stuck Jack

However, the following morning when we tried to raise our jacks to leave, they all stopped halfway up. Bad mojo. We tried lowering them, but no go. Also, a nasty little “LOW BATTERY” red light appeared on our HWH jack control panel.

Check the jack manual . . . our coach batteries could be bad. I check the battery voltage and they appear ok. The manual also had detailed troubleshooting information . . .



. . . that ended in “replace the pump”. Lovely.

There was no way I wanted to do this level of troubleshooting, so time to call Coach-Net, our road side service provider. A few hours later help arrived . . .

The Cavalry


The service tech said he could (A) raise the jacks manually, but not fix the cause of the problem, or (B) troubleshoot the system at $125/hour. We chose “A”.

x 4

So one hour and $175 later, our jacks were all up and we could resume our journey.

We decided to return to Lake Havasu City (77 miles away from us) and get our jacks fixed at a service center we’ve used in the past.

We stayed another day at the Kingman campground and left for Lake Havasu on Monday morning. We rented a cheap storage space for our RV and moved back into our Crazy Horse park model. We were all moved in by about 2 pm.

On Our Park Model Porch


Taking in the view . . .

Click on photo to enlarge


Reading a book and Happy Panting  . . .




So we take our RV in for service on Wednesday. I figure it will take more than a day to fix, so we’re making the most of our stay . . . weather is beautiful, sit on porch, catch a movie, go out to eat, . . .