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Our Month at Wisconsin State Fair RV Park

. . . is almost over. We’re leaving on Thursday.

We stayed at site G4, right next to 76th street, which could get very loud, especially on weekends. However, Wisconsin State Fair RV Park is a great place to stay if you’re visiting Milwaukee. The park is close to the freeway and the downtown, plus 76th Street can take you to the southern or northern suburbs in minutes.

The sites in the State Fair RV park are laid out a bit goofy, but the electric, water, and sewer hookups are solid and the park WiFi is typically 2 Mbps.

During our first several days here, there were a lot of thunder storms — even tornado warnings, but nothing severe hit us. Though it looked bad at times . . .


Nevertheless . . .



We were right next to the Hank Aaron Trail which is great for walking, dog walking, and bikes.

On most nights, the park and the neighborhood were quiet. However, the Milwaukee Mile Speedway is just a few blocks away. There are also festivals held on State Fair Grounds like Greek Fest.


There are realy good local places to eat, like one of the Balistreris’s restaurants, but I would not recommend Liquid Johnny’s, a local bar near the state park. While it has good folks and music, stay away from anything deep fried at Liquid Johnny’s.


Following is a list of things we did during our stay . . .



We wrote about Ann’s in a previous posting.

Table 9 at Ann’s



We visited my sister Mary who is a Master Gardener at Boerner Botanical Gardens . . .

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When we lived in the area, we never did this. But now that we’re “visiting”, we took a boat ride on the Edelweiss II . . .




When I grew up in South Milwaukee, I used to hang out in this park. Great times.

My friends and I used to hunt crayfish below the lagoon falls and walk across the top of the waterfall.



We used to go to Hubbard for the Sunday Brunches when we lived in the area.


The lodge is located on a bluff overlooking the Milwaukee River . . .



When we first arrived in Arizona, we heard the place to go for burgers was In—N-Out Burger. So we tried it. California (where In-N-Out was founded) has great food, but great burgers . . . not so much.

You want great burgers . . . and a great dining experience?

Check out Kopp’s . . .


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Like many (most?) kids in the Sixties, I was in a band. A band that actually got out of the basement and/or garage and played in public.

We’re all old farts now and it was great getting the band back together again . . .

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The last time I had Korean food was in 1971 in a little village near Daejeon, Korea. I was in the Army stationed at Camp Ames (now closed) and a local village woman treated several of us to a Korean bulgogi dinner. I think it was good.

That dinner was a long time ago so I thought it was time to try Korean food again. So . . . Jan and I and my sister Mary decided to have lunch at the Stone Bowl on Milwaukee’s East Side. Here’s the Stone Bowl Menu (PDF).

The food met and exceeded our expectations — especially Jan who had Tofu Bibimop and myself who loved the cucumber kimchi.

For an appetizer, my sister order Pah-Jeon, a scallion pancake with mixd seafood. Yummmmmmmm.

LA Kalbi


Tofu Bibimop



Jan and my sister Mary visited Villa Terrace on Lake Michigan . . .

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Tom’s Great Niece Erin & Great Great Nephew Jace


Flirt Gets Groomed


Burned Out Water Heater Thermostat (fixed it)





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  1. emhuze609 #

    WOW! You two really know how to pack in the activity when in town.. amazing! Glad you made it here and enjoyed so much. Sure was good to see you two.. Flirt too. Thanks for the intro to Korean food.. delish.

    Sister Mary

    July 5, 2017
  2. April Carroll #

    Did they allow you to leave your dog in the RV for any length of time? We will be going to a couple of Brewer games in September.

    August 7, 2017

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