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Just When You Think It’s Safe To Go Outside

Our Jeep’s transfer case shifter linkage gave up the ghost just as we were preparing to travel to Harrington Beach State Park.

This has happened before, and it shouldn’t be a big deal to fix. Fingers crossed. So we’ll try getting it repaired on Monday. We decided go back to State Fair RV Park (instead of going to Harrington Beach State Park) because State Park is close to several Jeep dealerships.

FYI — the Jeep’s transfer case is used to shift into 2WD, 4WD, and Neutral. The last one (Neutral) is critical for towing the Jeep behind our RV. If you can’t shift it into Neutral, the Jeep can’t be towed. However, since the Jeep was now “stuck” in 2WD, we could drive it normally.

C’est la vie.


We attended the high school graduation party of Heather, one of my great nieces.

It was great seeing family members who we haven’t seen for several years.

The only confusion was an apparently mis-spelled sign intended for party goers:


The “blend” dog was Trooper . . .