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Today we had our dog Ellie put down.

She was 14 and 4 months and full of cancer. We had known this was coming for months. When we were in Bishop, CA, we had a cancerous tumor removed from Ellie’s mouth. The vet told us it was only a matter of time before the cancer spread throughout her body.

We will miss her.

We rescued Ellie from our Green Bay Vet. Because of a divorce, Ellie had been wasting away at the vet’s office for several months. We used to take Jack, our former Golden Retreiver, to the Doggie Day Care at the vet, and we’d pass by Ellie each time we brought Jack. Ellie looked very sad.

We inquired about adopting her and on September 28, 2008 we took her home. Both Ellie and Jack were standoffish at first, but quickly became fast friends. Soon they watched out for each other when we took them to Doggie Day Care.

I didn’t like Ellie at first. She wasn’t as pretty as our show dog Jack and was not as overtly friendly as Jack either.

And then one night she sat on the couch right next to me — just like a person would. I started teasing her and she responded in kind. That was that.

This is our fourth pet that we’ve had to put down. It doesn’t get any easier, and I think that’s good.

Let us share way too many photos . . .


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