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Merry Christmas (Part 2)



JAN & ME: Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way . . .

OUR NEIGHBOR: Hey, your electrical box is smoking !!!

JAN & ME: Where’d our power go?

Yes, indeed, when we went outside to check, there was smoke coming out of the top of our electrical pedestal.

We pulled all our breakers and called the campground for help.

Harold to the Rescue

Harold to the Rescue

Long story short . . .

One of the buried power line “legs” fried. It seems someone (who shall remain nameless) dumped salt water from our water softener near the power pedestal yesterday.

Because the campground power cables are 20+ years old, one of the cables didn’t take well to being drowned in a solution of highly conductive salt water. C’est la vie.

The guys from the campground had it fixed in a jiffy, and we — along with several other park models — were up and running again.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas!

TWD T-Shirt

TWD (“The Walking Dead”) T-Shirt & Pop Up Book

Since neither Jan nor I have any willpower when it comes to opening gifts . . . we opened our gifts to each other early.

I’m wearing my Walking Dead T-shirt to the Crazy Horse Christmas party. Jan’s listening to Pentatonix on her new iPad. I’m asking for a Ferrari next year.

Merry Christmas!