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DISH Hybrid Equipment — Simplifying RV Networking

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DISH just released new “hybrid” equipment that simplifies its satellite TV networking for DISH’s Hopper DVR receiver.

The hybrid equipment (called “DISH Hybrid Pro” or “DHP” for short) is only for use in the Continental US and only for the Hopper, Joey, and Super Joey. For example, DISH VIP receivers like the 211, 622, 722, and so on cannot use DHP equipment.

DHP is a boon for RVers because now you only need to run one cable into your RV (instead of two) in order to use a Hopper.

Also, to wire a Hopper + Super Joey or two Hoppers you only have to run two cables, instead of three, into your RV.

In order to use DHP, a 1000.2 dish must be equipped with either a Western Arc or an Eastern Arc DHP LNBF. Current 1000.2 Western and Eastern Arc LNBs cannot be used with DHP.

The big question is whether the Western Arc DHP LNBF can be used on the rooftop Winegard Travler. Myself and another DISH user plan to swap our existing Travler LNBFs with the new DHP LNBF. Stay tuned.

You can purchase DISH DHP equipment at

NOTE: There is also a “Hybrid Tap”.

Here are some preliminary diagrams comparing the current & the new DHP networking . . .

1-Hopper & Joey - Solo Node vs Solo Hub


2-Hopper & SuperJoey - Solo Node vs Solo Hub


3-Two Hoppers - Duo Node vs Solo Hub

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  1. To add more then 0ne joey do you use 2-way or 3-way splitter on Duo Hub

    December 19, 2015
    • I would guess so, but haven’t seen any official DISH docs yet.

      December 19, 2015

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