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The Martian

Just finished reading Andy Weir’s book The Martian. Took me all of a day.

A great Summer (or end-of-Summer) book that reminded me of reading Jaws and The Godfather — pure entertainment.

Plus, Ridley Scott’s movie version appears to be a winner.

rvSeniorMoments gives it Four Stars.

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  1. emhuze609 #

    Thanks for the info on the movie and book.. 387 pages .. and you did it in one day? I wanna be like that. Did you skip every “the”™ or what? What is your secret?? I’m so impressed.. and I know you’ve read many 1000-page, heavy (20 lbs or more), b-o-r-i-n-g manuals.. HOW do you DO IT ?? Definitely will see the movie.. maybe the book.. Mary

    September 14, 2015

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