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Using an External Propane Tank

Camco #59133 4-Port Propane T

Camco #59133 4-Port Propane T

Running out of propane in an RV is not fun.

First, you have to find a nearby (hopefully) business who has a propane refill station. Then you have to “unhook” your RV from electric, sewer, satellite, etc connections, pull in the RV slide outs, and drive to the refill station.

Did I say it’s a PITA? It is.

To avoid this I had a local propane dealer install a “Propane T” on our RV propane tank that allows us to hook up an external propane tank.

Very handy. Instead of taking our RV to a local propane station, we can just connect a small propane tank — which you can buy nearly anywhere — to our big tank.

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