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Nancy, this one’s for you . . .

One fierce-looking spider

One fierce-looking spider

This post is dedicated to my sister Nancy because of her sizable fear of all things bugs, especially spiders. I think she picked up this fear the day my older brother pelted her with June bugs. Kids, eh?

A few days ago I was outside the RV after dark draining our holding tanks, and I noticed this particularly menacing spider near our RV drain hose.

Took a closer look and sure enough . . . red hourglass marking on this guy . . . a Black Widow !!!

Also saw the body of the much smaller male Black Widow in the web . . . and what appeared to be some very small cigarettes.

That’s right . . . they had sex, smoked a couple of cigs, and she killed him. Oh, the humanity.

Anyway, we’re on full spider alert now. But, really, we’ve been here several months and we just noticed the Black Widows — neither Jan nor I have been bitten — up to now.

Today, I turned over an RV sewer cap with my foot and there was another one . . .

They're everywhere!!!

They’re everywhere!!!