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Barstow, CA

On the road again . . .

Barstow_01We’re at Shady Lane RV Camp just outside of Barstow.

It’s just an overnight stop on our way to Bishop, CA.

It was about a 200-mile drive from Crazy Horse Campground in Lake Havasu City, AZ. For many RVers this isn’t much of a drive, but 200-miles is the max Jan & I like to drive in a day.

I guess we’re just wusses as a couple of our Crazy Horse friends drive several hundred miles per day.

Anyway, Shady Lane is a nice stopover. The couple running the place are very gracious.

However, there was a moment of panic when we arrived. Stinky Jeep

It looks like the our Jeep’s heating/ventilation fan burned out and really smelled up the Jeep. It was a nasty electrical smell. (BTW, I’m driving the Jeep while Jan drives the RV which is towing our Honda.)

Great. I could imagine trying to fix this POS.

Don’t get me wrong — I love our ’93 Jeep, but it drives like a tank.

After a drive around Barstow to gas up the Jeep, all appears ok. The Jeep’s HVAC fan no longer works, but the AC operates just fine. And there’s no longer an electrical smell. Tomorrow will tell.

Yikes!Also, when I gassed up the Jeep, I got gas pump sticker shock.

Holy Frack, Batman, things are a bit more pricey on the Left Coast!

BTW, had a interesting drive through Barstow looking for a gas station. Took a wrong turn and did a quick tour of the Railway Museum.

On the other hand, in Barstow we got to change our “local” TV stations from Phoenix to Los Angeles. Bit of a difference — last I checked, Phoenix TV stations were covering an Arizona legislature bill to legalize silencers and sawed-off shotguns. Whereas LA news was covering a transgender protest.

Last year when I told my Texas friend Wally that I was becoming an Arizona resident, he said that even though Texans are nuts, Arizonans are bat-shit crazy. I have to agree.

Here we are at Site 9 in Barstow:

Site 9