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Moving Day

Actually, it took about 3 days to move from our park model to our RV.

We took the RV out of storage on Tuesday and brought it to a Crazy Horse Campground site.

The first day was spent sanitizing the RV water system and installing new water filters. Basically, it meant adding a bleach solution to the RV’s 100-gallon water tank, letting it sit for a few hours, then flushing the tank with fresh water over and over until the bleach smell is gone. A lot of water.

The second day, Wednesday, was moving our DISH Hopper TV system and my Apple computer and monitor back to the RV. Lots and lots and lots of wires.

Thursday, the final day, was moving all the food and clothing. Also, it meant “closing up” the park model — nuking the crawl space with insecticide, closing all the sun screens, storing all the patio furniture, and putting aluminum sun screens on the inside of most of the windows.

Here are photos from the move (since I was taking the pictures, you don’t see what Jan was doing — moving the clothes, food, and putting up sun screens):

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