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Lake Wissota State Park (and points between) — Chippewa Falls, WI

We left Lake Pepin on Sunday, June 9, and dropped off the RV at Precision Frame & Alignment in Elk River, MN.

Our Newmar has a Spartan chassis and the front ball joints needed replacing. We’ve know about it for a year, but decided to put it off as long as possible. We also decided to have Koni shock absorbers installed as they’re supposed to enhance drivability.

So we spent Sunday in a Best Western Motel in Monticello, MN. While the king bed was superb, we wanted out ASAP and back into our RV.

As luck would have it, Precision Frame finished Monday afternoon and we were off for Lake Wissota State Park in Chippewa Falls, WI. Can’t say enough for Precision Frame. I gave them a glowing review at RV Service Reviews.

Some photos and video from Lake Wissota . . .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Flirt takes a swim in Lake Wissota . . .

Next stop: North Bayshore County Park.

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    Your maintenance stop in Elk River MN went very well. I imagined the whole thing would take days……..but they are most efficient. You folks are making the most of all your stops along the journey. Looks like Flirt is having a good time too. With Nancy in town, the sisters got together yesterday for a brunch and lots of talking and laughing. We even managed to solve a few world problems. Nancy looking good with that perpetual California tan. Sorry I missed your phone call, Jan. We’ll catch up on all the news soon. Kath

    June 14, 2013

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