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Kitchen Sink Drain Fix

A follow up to April 16’s Kitchen Sink in RV Slideout (

The original kitchen drain hose was very stiff which caused the eventual failure of one of the two drain fittings.

Original Drain Hose (left) vs New Flexible Hose (right) – both hoses are 4′ 6″ long

The new hose is much more flexible. However, it’s smaller in diameter and does not have a smooth interior like the original hose. Long story short . . . it will clog more easily. C’est la vie.

Interior of new hose

With the help of a heat gun applied to each end of the new drain hose, a barbed fitting was forced into each hose end:

2″ barbed connector

The end result . . .

New hose top and bottom drain connections

Our slide out closes much easier now with less chance of things breaking
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  1. Sister Mary #

    MacGyver ain’t got nuthin’ on you!! Excellent repair job Tom! Sister Mary

    April 26, 2023

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