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Kitchen Sink in RV Slideout – Bad Idea

We took our 2001 SeaView out today in order to prepare it for our first camping trip of the season. Actually, it’s a shakedown outing before our upcoming summer trip.

Anyway, I was running water in the kitchen sink when I noticed water collecting in a basement compartment right below the sink. Great. At first I thought a water line had broken, but it turned out to be the “flexible” kitchen sink drain line. After over 20 years, it’s flexible days ended today.

Dotted Line = Path of Water from Sink to Lower Drain

The connection between the flexible drain line and the lower drain snapped. I’m not the slightest bit surprised as this line has been moving in and out for 22 years.

The flexible white pipe snapped off the lower black drain (on the left)

This was the quick fix . . .

We’ll see how long this lasts

Next step –– replace that white pipe with something more flexible.

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  1. Nj #

    Great fix as usual, Tom
    Also wandered over to read an older message about black widow spiders…..have u ever seen a tarantula? ( regular spider on steroids!!)

    April 26, 2023

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