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No, not the Big Bang song.

We’re talking about two Fan-Tastic Fans which we recently installed on our RV roof. Explanatory pictures follow . . .

The First Fan Install

The Old Fan Over the Bathroom. It had two speeds – on & off and had to be hand cranked.

First step in removal – scrape the caulk off.

Unscrew the bolts holding the fan to the roof

Pry out the old fan

Bathroom view with fan removed

New fan in

Liberal doses of Dicor around all the edges

We added a cover over the fan so we could use it when it’s raining

Second Fan Install

We ordered the same model fan for the 2nd install, but Camping World sent the wrong fan, but we used it anyway. We’re going camping soon and there’s no time to return it and get another fan.

Anyway, 2nd install looks remarkably like the first fan . . .

Off with the caulk & pry out

Second fan had LOTS of wires, but we only needed two . . .


All done