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My Sister Mary Asks . . .

Tom… what a find!!! I’m wondering if this would work for Patty & Brad .. in Whitewater and in Waupaca ?? Is there a monthly fee or what ??

Short Answer – You betcha!

But first, Starlink is a satellite Internet service created by SpaceX and Tesla’s Wonderkind Elon Musk. His plan is to eventually offer worldwide Internet service using over 40,000 (yes, Forty Thousand) low-orbit satellites.

As of today, there are only about 1,200 Starlink satellites aloft . . . so Internet coverage is currently limited to folks living between latitudes 36.9 and 54.9 degrees. Our latitude in Mariposa, CA is 37.4 – so we “just” made it. However, as more Starlink sats are launched, this range of coverage will increase. By the way, use this link,%20wi to check your city’s latitude.

Or, just go to the Starlink web site ( and enter your address. Be advised, you may have to try different variations of your address.

NOTE: Starlink is intended to be a rural Internet service as large cities would provide traffic congestion problems. Besides, city dwellers typically already have access to high-speed Internet service.


The Starlink kit (Dish, power supply, router, mount, cabling) costs about $500.

Starlink Internet service is $99/month.

Starlink Internet service is Unlimited. There are currently no data caps.

Starlink Internet service is Fast. Users report speeds over 100 Mbps. Just tested my speed: 100 Mbps.

For More Information

I was going to include a bunch of links, but just Google (or YouTube) “Starlink”. There’s plenty of info out there.

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  1. Sister Mary #

    Thanks for the info Tom. Happy for you that it’s working so well for you.. Yes!!
    I will pass on info to Patty.

    March 20, 2021
  2. Keith newman #

    Hello Tom. This is completely unrelated to this post, but I wanted to thank you for your very helpful comments about water filtration on the RV forum. I saw you got tangled in a little tussle with someone over “being helpful” with your comments. You are correct, other people do read posts, e.g. me, and find informative comments very helpful. So just a thank you from some random character out here in the etherverse. Have a wonderful day. Keith Newman

    March 20, 2021

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