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News from the Home Front

A photo roundup of recent Mariposa happenings . . .

Day 97 of My Shed Construction Project
The Trees Are Blooming! (Valley photo from a week ago)
The Trees are Blooming! (Today’s photo across from our house)

We Need a New Roof

It’s like finding out your new used car needs its transmission replaced. C’est la vie.
Then it rained last night on our partially done new roof. Woke up at 4 am to a drip dripping near my nightstand. You betcha, we sprung a leak in our bedroom. Since we may not be fully shingled for a few days, and, of course, there’s rain in the forecast, I’ll be performing some “redneck” roof repairs on my own. More to follow.

Roof Construction
View from the Top
The Good News – We’ll Get More Light in Back (We’re removing part of our porch roof)
Flirt is taking all this in stride