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A Sunday Drive

Click on the map to enlarge it

We took about a 60-mile drive through the Mariposa countryside today. We’ve been meaning to do something like this for a while and finally took the drive.

It was great. We truly live in a beautiful area, and much of it in reach with a short drive.

Some photos from our trip . . .

Local Slate Quarry on Agua Fria Road
Old Mining Town That Burned Down in 1866
Fire Remains (click for panoramic view)
Sandstone (?) Formations along Old Toll Road
Valley View on Old Toll Road
A Valley Tree

Chief Waupaca

For some reason our Sunday drive reminded me of summer vacations my family used to take in northern Wisconsin.

Often we’d stop near a Waupaca, WI historical marker for Chief Waupaca. I’ll never forget the text on that marker . . . it was so . . . well, here it is . . .

Chief Waupaca
Historical Marker Text

I think that Waupaca settlement narrowly escaped a massacre. When Sam Wapuka fell off his horse and then died immediately, it was very very fortunate that his fellow tribesmen didn’t interpret Sam’s sudden death as an omen to kill whitey.

However, judging by the last sentence, it looks like Sam’s progeny quickly became part of the white community — at least in name.