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It’s Official. We ARE Californians Now

Today we got licensed and plated (driver’s licenses & car/RV plates, that is).

So long AZ. Hello CA. Bittersweet.

In a marathon CA DMV session (~ 5 hours), Jan and I were able to obtain both our driver’s license plus the license plates for our Jeep and our RV.

DMV Line. Anywhere USA.

Actually, both of us were kinda surprised by how smoothly it went. Since COVID, DMV inside access has been all but curtailed. Instead you wait in long lines OUTSIDE awaiting your turn to come inside. All in all pretty efficient.

We filled out as many of the forms (there were a just a few) the night before.

We had to have both our Jeep and the RV “validated” to get our CA registration. That just means we drove to the DMV office and an official checked our VINs, and so on.

Costs were about $320 for the Jeep . . . a fair amount of that is because we failed to register the Jeep within the 30-day time period. The RV registration was about the same cost. Very surprised. AZ registration was much more because AZ adds a percentage of the RV’s market value onto the registration fee. Costly, especially for newer RVs.

However, in order to drive a 40-foot RV in CA, you need what’s called a non-commercial Class A license. (If your RV is greater than 40 feet, then you need a non-commercial Class B license.) Both types of licenses have similar requirement: written tests, health statement (or exam), and finally a behind-the-wheel driving test . . . which we’ll have to take in Modesto (about 75 miles away).

And who will be taking that non-commercial Class A license test first?

Jan – shown with her temporary non-commercial Class A license