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We camped near Yellowstone National Park from August 11 through the 22nd. However, before arriving in the area we stocked up on groceries in Helena, MT:

$500 of groceries



We stayed at Yellowstone Holiday RV Campground for 4 nights. The campground is right on the shore of Lake Hebgen:

Tom & Flirt on the shore of Lake Hebgen



We stayed here from August 15th through the 22nd. Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park was one of the best RV campgrounds we’ve been . . . spacious, clean, great service, close to Yellowstone’s West Entrance, and the largest dog run I’ve ever seen.

That Grizzly statue scared the bejeezus out of Flirt when she first saw it at night


#272 was our camp site


The dog run was an opening in the park’s fence that led into a national forest


Plenty of places to poop



Just like Glacier National Park, we decided to let others do the driving and we both signed up for Yellowstone tours. We did this reluctantly because the tours were 8 hours long . . . a lonnnnnng time to sit on a bus or van. Also, we both couldn’t go at the same time because we couldn’t leave Flirt alone that long. So Jan took the 1st tour, and I did the 2nd. Both tours turned out to be really good.

Along the Firehole River



One of many Yellowstone Moonscapes



Upper Falls in the “Grand Canyon” of Yellowstone



Glacier has Red Buses, Yellowstone has Yellow Buses


Tom’s tour bus


Bison or Buffalo




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  1. Mary Hughes #

    WOW! I think you got your money’s worth out of that tour.. Amazing! The scenery is Spendid.. Mary

    September 5, 2019

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