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Lake Mead & Hoover Dam

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It was about a 3-hour drive from Zion River RV Resort to the Lake Mead RV Village. For the most part a pleasant drive. The only slightly hairy part was the last stretch of Interstate 15 in Arizona before entering Nevada. There were some steep slopes here.

Originally we were going to stay a month on Lake Mead, but changed our reservations to only 4 days. We’re home sick now, and the temperatures are HOT. Continuous triple-digits limits outdoor activities.

Our spot near Lake Mead


However, as soon as we arrived, we saw how beautiful it was, the color of the landscape, lake, and sky. We’re glad we came.




On our 3rd day, we took a trip to nearby Hoover Dam about 7 miles from our campground. It’s a lot of concrete . . .



One of the dam’s power plants


Lake Mead’s Bathtub Ring — the New Normal


Lake Mead Water Level when we visited