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Fixing Things: Water, Propane, Toilet


Meet the Sterilight ICE Controller

If you remember from my June 28th post on my UV Filter , I was going to put off buying a new ballast for my UV sterilizer, but I caved and purchased one. I figured they may soon be in short supply as my particular UV system is no longer manufactured. $387.47.


PROPANE (and CO as well)

My Carbon Monoxide / Propane sensor/alarm gave up the ghost, so I bought and installed a replacement. $89.64.

Good for another 4 years



First, the sewer hose spouted a leak. Nothing huge, but I didn’t want it to open up on me unexpectedly. $49.86.

A Ribbed Sewer Hose . . . There’s a Joke Here Someplace


Finally, the spring-assisted-toilet-closer thing stopped being spring-assisted. Manually closing the toilet so that it would hold water quickly became a tiresome chore. Thank god, I had Dometic toilet spare parts 385316140, 385314349, and 385318162. $24.79, $26.21, and $34.98, respectively.