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Glacier National Park

We left Banff on Saturday, August 3rd, and arrived at Glacier National Park the same day, about 260 miles.

Banff to Glacier (click on map to enlarge)

All in all we enjoyed our 6-night stay at the St Mary’s / East Glacier KOA (elevation about 4,700′) better than our Banff adventure. In Glacier we slowed down and let someone else “do the driving”.

St Mary KOA


Our Campsite


Nearby St Mary River


We took Flirt out for an afternoon swim the the St Mary River.


We took a boat ride on Lake Mary and a Red Bus Alpine tour up Going To The Sun Road. However, we did our own self-guided tour to Logan Pass and beyond.

Glacier Park Terrain (click on map to enlarge)


St Mary Lake Boat Tour


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Mid-tour we were able to get off the boat and check out a nearby waterfall:



Red Bus Alpine Tour

We spent an enjoyable 2 hours traveling up and down Going To The Sun Road on a 1936 White Motor Company Model 706 tour bus. Classic.

Bus #98 – The “Million Dollar” Bus


Apparently, our bus #98 was the first of the old buss fleet to be refurbished in 2000 – 2002 by Ford Motor Company who spent $1M on the first bus it refurbished — #98.

Jan nabbed the front seat


Driving through part of Glacier burned in the 2015 fires


Yes, Virginia, you can stand up in the bus


Jan & I visited this spot in 1977 (Goose Island of The Shining fame in the background)


Near Logan Pass


Logan Pass Visitor Center


Logan Pass


Trail to Hidden Lake at Logan Pass


Looking at a Black Bear on the beach below