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HughesNET Gen 5 – 2nd Evaluation

HughesNET Eval2 dish setup

About 6 months ago I published my first evaluation of our HughesNET Gen 5 satellite Internet system. At that time I think I was a little disappointed with the results because I was expecting higher speeds.

While the average speed of over 20 Mbps was fast, especially for satellite Internet, I was led to believe that I would see of 40 to 60 Mbps.

However, I wasn’t really that disappointed as I found that 20 Mbps was pretty much the maximum download speed I could expect.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided to try to repeat these evaluations. So, over 4 days this December I conducted HughesNET Gen 5 speed test again, and here are the results . . .


According to the test results, I’ve lost ground . . . about 5 Mbps slower. My testing was comprehensive (see HughesNET Gen 5 Evaluation 2 Data).

I’ll retest after several months when we’re back on the road and see what happens then.