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HughesNET Gen 5 – 2nd Evaluation

HughesNET Eval2 dish setup

About 6 months ago I published my first evaluation of our HughesNET Gen 5 satellite Internet system. At that time I think I was a little disappointed with the results because I was expecting higher speeds.

While the average speed of over 20 Mbps was fast, especially for satellite Internet, I was led to believe that I would see of 40 to 60 Mbps.

However, I wasn’t really that disappointed as I found that 20 Mbps was pretty much the maximum download speed I could expect.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided to try to repeat these evaluations. So, over 4 days this December I conducted HughesNET Gen 5 speed test again, and here are the results . . .


According to the test results, I’ve lost ground . . . about 5 Mbps slower. My testing was comprehensive (see HughesNET Gen 5 Evaluation 2 Data).

I’ll retest after several months when we’re back on the road and see what happens then.

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  1. Mary Hughes #

    Phew, Tom, now I know how much I don’t know about speed testing. Questions: Why the big variations from day to day? December 10th was a stellar (hah!) day, the others days = not so much. And then there’s the variations of the speed testers.. what’s up with that? I went to the internet for answers and after a few searches discovered there’s a lot to be learned. Then I concluded that you have done all the research and have all the answers.. therefore I can just … ask you and you will have the answers. Yup. No pressure Tom, just explain it ALL.. please. Thank you. Million Questions Mary

    December 13, 2018
  2. Tom, have you added any tests via Ethernet. I was recently reminded of how much speed a built-in wireless adapter can lose … half or more!!!!!

    Let me know if this makes the difference and if it does, the fix is easy, just add an external access point or wireless router in one of the Ethernet jacks. I like the Linux versions of the Linksys routers, but there are a couple of other ones that are also pretty affordable and work well.

    December 15, 2018
  3. I looked back at your earlier tests and saw you had done tests via Ethernet also, but I would still be interested in whether you did some this time.

    December 15, 2018

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