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My 1st HughesNET Gen 5 Setup & Connection

Difficult to Ignore

I pulled the trigger on our “Plan B” Internet provider source — HughesNET Gen 5. (Plan A is a Verizon data plan.)

Received all the equipment for my portable setup from yesterday. Can’t say enough about this company and Barb Nolley. Very good to work with.

I really didn’t expect to get HughesNET up and running the first day as it’s pretty complicated compared to what I’m used to — setting up a DISH TV portable antenna. Similar principles, but a HughesNET Gen 5 dish is more hairy and a lot bigger. The round fiberglass HughesNET Gen 5 dish is .98 meter (3′ 3″) . . . and it’s heavy.

There were some minor gotchas, like this:

Two Washers Needed, Only 1 Provided


And the download speed was much slower than I was expecting . . .

1st HughesNET Gen 5 Speed Test


Nevertheless, so far so good. I’ll post more info shortly.