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90 Minutes

Our new Magnum inverter arrived Wednesday afternoon, but it was way too hot (high 90s) to install it.

Footprint and functionally (both are 2000W inverters) the Magnum MS2000 and the Freedom inverter/charger are nearly identical:

MS2000 vs Freedom Inverter/Charger


However, the MS2000 is pure sine wave while the Freedom is modified sine wave.

So . . . we scheduled the inverter swap for early Thursday morning when the heat is not so intense.

The morning replace and install went like clockwork . . . 90 minutes total . . .

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By the way, this is the 5th time I’ve done this on our Newmar:

  1. Removed original Freedom. Installed first Magnum MS2000. (2011)
  2. Removed MS2000 because it failed. Re-installed Freedom. (2012)
  3. Re-installed refurbished MS2000 after warranty repair. (2012)
  4. Removed refurbished MS2000 after it failed again. Re-installed Freedom again. (2018)
  5. Installed the new, second MS2000. (2018)

Fifth time is the charm, eh?