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New Window Installation

Out with the Old

We ordered a new side window about a month ago because our current sliding window refused to slide. We tried everything to make it move — silicone spray, powder spray, muscles . . . but it took two hands to slide the window open a few inches. Enough was enough.

The New Window

The replacement window from Newmar cost about $500 which included shipping. The replacement window came from Hehr who originally charged us over $600 until Newmar stepped in and lowered the cost back to $500. Kudos Newmar!

Removing the old window was fairly easy. Unscrew about 15 screws from the inside frame and push. The window should have had butyl tape caulk holding it in place, but there was none. Apparently, when this window was removed for our Residential Refrigerator Upgrade a few years ago, the fridge installers (Master Tech RV) failed to replace the butyl tape.

Putting the new window in required some brute force as Tom had to really push the window in place as the window was nearly an exact fit — no wiggle room . . .

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