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Cinco de Mayo @ Astorgas

Just got back after having dinner at Astorga’s Mexican Restaurant. Wonderful, especially after two Coronas (me) and a Margarita (Jan).

We came here 3 years ago on Cinco deMayo and loved it.

Check out the kid singing in this video . . . incredibly powerful voice . . . even louder than the trumpet players!

Buttermilk Road Jeep Trip — 2018

Buttermilk Road Headed Towards the Sierras

This is our third trek up Buttermilk Road. Our first two trips were in 2015 (Jeepin’ Buttermilk Road).

Buttermilk Road Trips Map (PDF)

In our first outing, we went as far as the “bare tree” . . .

The Bare Tree

In our second trip in May 2015, we made the complete trip — through the Woods and over the mountain ridge (the “hairy” part of the trip).

The Woods

For our third trip last Thursday, we decided not to travel over the mountain ridge as once was enough. However, we went as far as the Woods. Then we doubled back and wen up Horton Lakes road for a mile or so as the road was incredibly rough and gaining elevation fairly quickly.

Horton Lakes Road


Mount Tom viewed from Horton Lakes Road