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For DISH TV Geeks Only

Thanks to this poster I remembered some drawings I did two years ago that might be helpful to DISH folks using Hopper 1 (original) or Hopper 2s (Hopper with Sling) in their RVs.

DISH Pro Hybrid (or DPH) technology was created for the Hopper 3, DISH’s latest whole home DVR.

However, DPH equipment can be used with the older Hopper 1 and 2 DVRs.

What’s good about DPH networks is that they use less cabling that the old DISH Pro Plus (DPP) technology. This advantage alone can make an RVers life much simpler because running one wire from a portable tripod (or a Winegard Traveler) is much easier than running two.

To see example DPH setups, scroll to Using DPH Nodes with Hopper 1 & 2 on DISH TV for RVs page.

RV Sales – Good News / Bad News

Lots of Happy Campers

The good, rather great, news is that RV sales have hit a 4-decade high. Everyone is smiling in Indiana as RV manufacturers struggle to meet demand.

On the other hand, the bad news is that this boom ensures increasing competition for camp sites. C’est la vie.



Though the wind in LHC was supposed to end Tuesday, it will continue through Thursday. When the wind is up in the desert, it’s really hard to do anything outside . . . unless you have a spacesuit. The dust stirred up can be the worst.

More Wind



For folks in California suffering through the fires, we wish you the best in the days ahead. In September we encountered some Western fires and have no desire to repeat the experience.