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For DISH TV Geeks Only

Thanks to this poster I remembered some drawings I did two years ago that might be helpful to DISH folks using Hopper 1 (original) or Hopper 2s (Hopper with Sling) in their RVs.

DISH Pro Hybrid (or DPH) technology was created for the Hopper 3, DISH’s latest whole home DVR.

However, DPH equipment can be used with the older Hopper 1 and 2 DVRs.

What’s good about DPH networks is that they use less cabling that the old DISH Pro Plus (DPP) technology. This advantage alone can make an RVers life much simpler because running one wire from a portable tripod (or a Winegard Traveler) is much easier than running two.

To see example DPH setups, scroll to Using DPH Nodes with Hopper 1 & 2 on DISH TV for RVs page.

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  1. Paul Perrone #

    I have a Winegard Travler which was set up for DirecTV. I wanted to change to Dish with the Hopper 3 and the DPH. I was successful with a few tricks:
    I retained the DirectTV reflector on the Traveler. I bought a standard house mount Dish dish with the DPH LNB.. I then drilled out the rivets and removed the LNB arm from the house mount Dish dish and replaced the LNB arm on the Winegard with this Dish arm and DPH LNB.
    Next I did the software change in the Wingard controller to switch from DirectV to Dish. Then MOST IMPORTANTLY, disconnect the Hopper 3 from the LNB during Winegard acquisition. When the hopper is disconnected the DPH LNB reverts to a standard LNB and the Winegard can perform search and acquisition. Once the antenna has acquired position, connect the Hopper and bingo. The DirecTV reflector works fine for Dish and using it avoids a lot of work replacing the whole Travler antenna.

    December 7, 2017

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