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Journey to SXSW – Part 3: Benson & Tombstone, AZ

The 3rd stop on our way to SXSW . . .

COCHISE TERRANCE RV PARK (Elevation: 3600’) – By the way, almost every local business has “Cochise” in its name.

Campground Photos:

Flirt Contemplates the Laundry Building

Flirt Contemplates the Laundry Building

Turquoise & Terra Cotta - Yep, we're in the Southwest

Turquoise & Terra Cotta – Yep, we’re in the Southwest

Campground Notes:

  • A really, really, really nice campground. Modern facilities, friendly staff, well-planned sites, great dog walk through a wash, laundry, showers, pool, hot tub, . . . and they gave us free tickets to the campground dinner that night. Jeez! All for a whopping $25 per night (with Escapees discount).
  • Beautiful views of the mountains and, of course, those superb AZ sunsets.
  • However, like most RV parks, the WiFi was sketchy.
  • Cell coverage: 4G (5 Mbps)


On the advice of a fellow camper, we took an afternoon trip to Tombstone which is about 25 miles south of Benson, AZ.

We weren’t expecting much . . . some history mixed with Western schlock and expensive, bad food. You know – a tourist trap.

And we were so right, but we loved it because it was so over the top.

It all started when we bought tickets to a “gunfight” . . .


She Just Had To

She Just Had To

NEXT STOP – Las Cruces, NM

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  1. Gene Soares #

    Don’t miss the Kartchner Caverns…

    March 4, 2017
  2. emhuze609 #

    Love it! The ultimate in schmaltz.. done to perfection.. funny.

    Love the pic of Flirt contemplating the Laundry facility. My guess is she was trying to recall if she’d been there before.. because something seemed familiar about it..

    Glad you are having fun.


    March 4, 2017
  3. Thanks for the campground info, we drove thru there and it looked nice. Kartchner Caverns SP has a nice CG also and fabulous cavern tours. We also very much enjoyed the mine tour in Bisbee.

    March 4, 2017
  4. Mary Konopka #

    Aunt Jan… they captured you! I’m really enjoying your trip and look forward to getting the next chapter.

    March 6, 2017

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