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December Rain

California Storm Heads East

California Storm Heads East

Drizzle and low temperatures (highs in the 70s, lows in the 50s) . . . well, low temps for us.

When I look at my old home town, Green Bay, it’s a different story — highs in the 30s, lows in the teens.

When it rains here, it stinks. It smells dusty and metallic. Really odd. Locals may be used to it, but I’m used to Wisconsin Spring rains which smell fresh.

Some cloudy photos . . .

View from Our Street

View from Our Street


Western View from Our Porch

Western View from Our Porch (our new red hummingbird feeder is getting some regular visitors)



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  1. nancy #

    Hey T & J….Sounds & looks good! LOTS of rain here….I’m liking it, but then we’re not in an area that had been burned and the water washes down the hill and it might take some of the soil with it…the foothills.

    December 3, 2014

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