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Protecting RV Pets & Fridge Contents

Lacrosse-04_Logo We travel with two Golden Retrievers who we love dearly, and we worry about leaving them alone in our motorhome — especially in hot weather. To lessen the possibility of runaway high temperatures, we purchased new RV air conditioners before we started full timing. In addition, we installed an automatic generator start system. Basically, this means that if we lose power to our RV for some reason, the generator in the RV will start up automatically, supplying power to our motorhome.

Also, from past experience, we’re concerned about the temperature in our fridge rising above 40 degrees F, the recommended safe limit for food.

So what can you do to get piece of mind for both of these worries?


LaCrosse Alerts Main Screen

The solution we chose was LaCrosse Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitor. This LaCrosse system can monitor temperatures from two sources — ambient air temp and through an external temp probe. The system also monitor ambient air humidity.

The system consists of a wireless router which receives temp and humidity data from a wireless monitor. At regular intervals (which can be changed), this data is sent to LaCrosse where it is displayed on a custom web page that only shows your data.


iPhone Alert Screen

The temperature and humidity data can be accessed from a computer browser or from a smart phone screen. Note: As of today, there is no app for LaCrosse alerts.

In addition, temperature and humidity alerts (like min/max) can be set up. For example, we set an alert for a max temp of 80 degrees F and an alert of 40 degrees F for the temperature probe.

When either of these alerts are triggered, we receive text messages and emails until the condition(s) are corrected.

Finally, my only complaints about the system were the lack of directions and the shaky setup procedure. For directions, you’re sent to a web site to activate the unit. There’s nothing really in the box that gives you an overview or specifics. Also, the setup or “activation” procedure required a couple tries before it worked.

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    Good that there is such a temperature control device; hope you will not need it often. I’m impressed that innovators/entrepreneurs have thought of such devices. I imagine your furry doggies are wallowing in protective care and they don’t even know they have it. Glad you have protected them. Kath

    July 19, 2014
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    Tom, I had a thought or two about your emails in which you talk about improvements you have made to your RV. I think these improvements are timely and valuable and wonder if you have thought about writing an article/book about RV living. I’ll bet you have learned so much from just thinking of RV living to putting it into practice. Why not share your experiences? Other folks thinking about this way of life could learn a lot. Kath

    July 20, 2014
    • For now I think this blog is enough. Maybe after a couple more years of full timing experience.

      July 20, 2014

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