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4th of July & 1st Monsoon


We spotted this couple camped below our park model who seemed to be really making out — but really clumsily, so we figured one or both of them was drunk.

However, when her friends carried her down into the water to “cool” off, we figured she was more than just drunk. And when the firetruck/ambulance appeared, our suspicions were confirmed.

It looks like she had a mild case of hyperthermia. She didn’t end up going to the hospital, but the paramedics did give her some sort of bag of liquid (saline solution?) attached intravenously to one of her arms.

A short time later one of the males she was with punched another male. It was a short fight as the two had a real long post fight drunken conversation.

Here’s a movie of the brew ha ha . . . one of our Road Runner friends appears at the end.


It’s summertime and the humidity’s rising. One-hundred-plus degree temps are tolerable when the humidity is low, but ratchet the humidity up a few percent and it’s sauna time. This leads to monsoon time (June 15 – September 30) in Arizona when large thunderstorms develop. We had a pretty strong one on July 7th that lasted about an hour and developed winds up to 40 mph.

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