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We Bought a Park Model

The View from Our Porch

The View from Our Porch (Click to Enlarge) — this is a Sunset view

Since we arrived at Crazy Horse Campground, we pretty much fell for the place. When we saw our friend’s Crazy Horse Park Model, we fell for that too.

So long story short, about a month ago we stopped into an open house for a Crazy Horse Park Model, made and offer, and closed on the sale today.

A few months previously we had looked at houses in Lake Havasu City, and even though there were some great buys, we decided to stop looking. We had heard that some retirees who had bought houses came to regret their decision because they really didn’t “fit” into their new community. They missed campground life.

We have met some wonderful people here, and though Crazy Horse is a funky campground, you can’t beat the people . . . and the views.

A Park Model is essentially just an RV with 400 square feet of living space. A park model is registered as a vehicle, not property, and the model is built on a mobile chassis so it can be moved.

Our Park Model

Our Park Model (Click to Enlarge) — check the Kitchen dimensions

So we’ll be wintering in Arizona from October through March . . .

. . . and we’re in the process of becoming Arizona residents because the taxes are much lower than Wisconsin’s. Plus, we don’t think we’ll be buying any property there any time soon. Nevertheless, it was great to see the Badgers beat Arizona in the NCAA March Madness games.

We came very close to passing on the Park Model because of a Shed that one of our neighbors has erected on part of our property. However, we were able to get the sellers to get the shed removed before closed on the model. QED.

Our buying “spree” is over.

More photos of our dinky house . . .

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  1. #

    Thanks for a tour of your new winter home. I like it. AND I believe Jan said it came furnished. Previous owner had pretty good taste. Sounds as though you’ve really settled in to this new retirement thing and have embraced Arizona as your home (for tax purposes and for warmth during winter). I get it. Well, congrats on your new digs. Kath

    March 31, 2014
  2. emhuze609 #

    EXCELLENT !! So glad it turned out well. Best to you two!!


    April 1, 2014
  3. As I was reading your article, you state that park models are mostly just RV’s that have 400 square feet of living space. My husband and I have been thinking of having a home somewhere warm during winter time where we can run off to when it gets colder. Since we don’t have kids, I will consider this for a possible option if we decide to follow through with our plans.

    May 6, 2019

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