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And now this . . .

In our Day in the Life post, we forgot to include two, really essential items — daily Mail Call and the Honey Wagon:

When the Orange Flag is our, mail is in.

When the Orange Flag is out, mail is in.

Before Tom knew the “secret” orange flag signal, he made the faux pas of asking for the mail before the flag had been raised. He got the mail, but also a cranky talking to.

The Honey Wagon stops by the non-sewer equipped sites twice a week. In S&B terms (“Sticks and Bricks” — those of you who live in regular houses), that amounts to normal bathroom use but showering every other day in the RV. There are campground showers, but we really like using our RV’s shower.

The Honey Wagon in Draining Mode

The Honey Wagon in Draining Mode

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    Gotta get those signals down straight. The Mail Call signal sounds like life in a small town. Kath

    February 19, 2014

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