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Hang Gliding!

If you have followed our blog this Winter, then you have probably seen photos and some movies of the “Lake Havasu Air Force”. These are several guys in powered ultralights who fly around Lake Havasu. Fun to watch when they buzz the beach.

One of these ultralights, the pontoon-equipped one, landed on our beach today and offered rides to the gathered crowd ($99 for 30 minutes).

Jan and I jumped on it. I went first and then Jan.

I was able to bring a movie camera along and took several minutes of video while flying — along with some footage I shot onshore when Jan went up. Between the shore and in-flight movies, here’s a 3-minute flick of our two flights today. It was great!

The first campground we fly over is Crazy Horse.

By the way — the guy with the helmet is the pilot Joe Lorenzen, a former Alaskan who resettled in Lake Havasu eight years ago.