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MasterTechRV — Elkhart, IN

MasterTech_Elkhart_01So as much as we tried to keep our food cold in our 12-year-old Dometic NDR1292 fridge, the temp just kept on rising. This was especially apparent during the recent MidWest heat wave. For example,  in the mornings the temps hovered around 40 degrees. However, whenever we opened the fridge door for more than a couple seconds, the temp would shoot up to 45 degrees and stay there for hours.

Because the safe operating temperature of a refrigerator is 40 degrees or below, we thought it was best to replace our original fridge with a standard residential type.

No mean task.

Since my “heavy lifting” days are done, I looked for an RV service who could do the work and searched the RVing forums for suggestions: MasterTech RV in Elkhart, IN.

So . . . like a rubber band . . . we left Geneseo, IL this morning and headed east 250 miles to Elkhart, IN — instead of west towards Colorado Springs, CO (our next destination).

We’re replacing our 12 cf Dometic with an 11.7 cf Whirpool WRT111SFA. The install was quoted at 20 to 25 hours of labor, so we should be out of here Wednesday or Thursday. We’ll spend those days in a local motel while our new fridge is installed.

But tonight we’re camped out in the MasterTech RV “campground” along with several other RVs awaiting service. Some photos . . .

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