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State Parks & other projects

Just finished adding a couple of projects from last year and also was able to finally get up the data I’ve been collecting on all the state parks. Not quite a labor of love, but the info should be useful when we start full timing.

Finally, I’m in less of a panic about how much Verizon 4G data I’m burning up . . . my latest estimate is that I’ll use less than my allotted 12GB/month. However, this is all very tentative. Kudos to Verizon for having a good notification system when you’re at the end of your data rope, and they also have some good online tools for analyzing data trends and downloading your data usage.

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  1. Kath Hughes #

    Hello Travelers. Tom, it looks like you’re ready for anything on the road. You mentioned state parks and I seem to remember that National Geo. has a set of info/maps/etc. that might be helpful. I also like Verizon and have it for my cell phone. Kath

    January 19, 2013

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