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Jalama Beach – Final 3 Days

Well, it started off nice . . .

Night time cloud show

Sunset Sounds

THE Burger Store

Flirt’s Chair

And then this happened Saturday afternoon (the day before we leave) . . .

We lost power to the RV. Unbeknownst to us we were running on just our batteries for a few hours, and the batteries dropped to 38% capacity – VERY bad.

Luckily we ran our generator to restore our batteries

Long story short . . . our Surge Guard unit gave up the ghost. The Surge Guard is what protects the RV against electrical faults from campground power. You betcha. The unit was less that 1 year old. When we arrived at our next campground, we tried plugging it in again to a new power source, but nada. The Surge Guard is toast.

Luckily, we were able to “re-wire” (actually reroute) our power cables so that we could connect to shore power without going through the now dead Surge Guard.

Not as complicated as it looks

But wait, there’s more . . . at 1:25 am . . .

At 1:25 am our Carbon Monoxide alarm went off . . . loud BEEP, BEEP, BEEP . . .

So, after opening all the RV windows, the detector still beeped, so I clipped its power wires and we went to sleep.

We were alive in the morning.

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  1. Nj #


    August 1, 2022
  2. Sister Mary #

    Time for nasty letters to the manufacturers! Grrrrrrrr !!!
    This Was a Test… more GRRRRRRR !!
    Sister Mary

    August 2, 2022

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