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Jalama Beach, CA – First 3 Days

After 3 days on the beach, there’s much to report . . .

Good News – 9-Year-Old Gas Cards Still Worked

When we started full timing 9 years ago, we were given Mobil gas cards. Well, they still work!

Bad News – Needed new Jeep Battery

After our first night’s stay in the Lost Hills KOA, our Jeep failed to start. Bought a new one in the Lompoc, CA O’Reilly auto parts store and changed it out in the parking lot . . .

Out with the old . . .

More Bad News – Damaged the Rear Cap of our SeaView RV

Yikes! Though there was no serious structural damage, it will still be pricey to fix.

It happened while taking a detour through this posh Lompoc, CA suburb. As we drove over a speed bump (actually a “valley”), Jan hit the brakes and the front of the Jeep rose up really fast and hit the rear cap of the RV.

The ladder will be the cheapest thing to fix

Been watching a lot of fiberglass repair videos on You

Great News – Jalama Beach

After traveling down a literally long and winding road to the ocean, we arrived at Jalama Beach at about 5 pm on Monday the 25th.

Flirt meets the Pacific Ocean

Oil-lama Beach

On our 2nd day we took a short walk to the beach and back. On our way back to our RV, we noticed a really strong tar smell. Turned out that we had inadvertently stepped on one of the tar balls (or turds) that litter the beach. The shoes that we used are now stored outside until we clean them with acetone.

Oil Turds on the beach

There are a couple of oil platforms just off the coast that we figured were leaking. However, a park ranger clued us into the Coal Oil Point Seep Field (Google it) . . .

The “largest”? Oh goody.

Jalama Burger

A great end to the first three days on the beach . . .

Get the Onion Rings, don’t bother with the fries