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Solar, Batwing, and the Vent

File these under Winter projects . . .

Solar Project Update

First, the Design Phase of our RV’s solar panel project is pretty much done.

Here’s the updated design schematic:

The Latest Revision

While the above schematic is a necessity, so is the layout of where all the stuff will go. Remember, it’s a small RV. To that end, we created “Cardboard Solar” – life-size cardboard representations of all the major solar equipment. It really helps to actually see what fits where . . .

Solar Panel Roof Layout

These Solar Panels are BIG – 41″ x 69″

RV Basement Equipment – Victron Lynx (left), AC Isolator Switch (center), Victron MultiPlus II Inverter/Charger (right)

Two Trojan 6V Batteries (front), Victron Smart Solar Controller (back), Victron Cerbo GX (behind batteries), other stuff

Batwing TV Antenna Replacement

The old 21-year-old antenna finally gave up the ghost and refused to move. Here’s the new antenna . . .

Travel Position

Operating Position

Fridge Vent Replacement

The original vent was cracked which could allow water to enter the refrigerator compartment. Getting the original off was a chore as it was really really glued down.

A Whole Lot of Scraping and Careful Lifting. That’s the top of the fridge in the roof opening.

More Scraping and Acetone to Remove All the Old Adhesive

Ta Da!