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Operation Sea Breeze

On Thursday we’re going to look at buying another RV. This time it’s a gas Class A and much shorter than our former Newmar – 30′ 5″ compared with 41′.

Also, the Sea Breeze doesn’t have any slide outs which is one less thing that can go wrong.

We’ve been looking for another RV for several months and used RV prices are still high, just like the housing market. We don’t want to spend much, so that really limits our selection. C’est la vie. We were going to wait until next year to buy, but this “deal” came along.

We’re excited, but also wary as this Sea Breeze has been driven. It’s definitely a fixer upper. Since our RV choices are limited by our budget, for any RV we ended up purchasing we figured that we’d end up replacing the tires, fridge, and ACs in pretty short order . . . and that’s what it looks like for this 2001 Sea Breeze.

More info after we come back.