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What We’ve Been Up To

(1) Trying to Keep Cool. It’s been a hot week. A friend of ours who has lived in Mariposa several years said she has never seen it this hot so soon. Great.

(2) Painting the House. This has been going on for a few months as we’re trying to do it “right” — washing, scraping, priming, and painting two coats of the final color. As of today we have 3 sides down with the area under the garage the last to go.

(3) Getting Driver’s License. After we sold the RV, there was no need for Jan to get a Class B RV license (a real PITA). So here’s Jan with her Class C license:

(4) Gave Flirt a Summer Cut for those hot days ahead.

A Very Different Looking Doggy

(5) Home Improvement Stuff.

Replacing Non-Working Ceiling Fan
Installing a New Garage Light
Putting Up New Blinds – We’ve Install a Lot of These Since We Arrived

(6) Looking for a New RV. Well, actually a used Class C motorhome in the under 30-foot range. Almost as soon as we sold our Newmar RV, we started missing RVing. So . . . we’ll probably buy a used one early next year . . . along the lines of this 26-foot 2004 Majestic Class C: